I recently came across an article entitled, “From Horror to Hope: Boy’s Miracle Recovery from Brutal Attack” on cnn.com (see http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/06/world/freedom-project-operation-hope/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenews). When I think about my recommendations for sleep problems, proper parenting, and so forth this article made me reconsider what happens in cases of severe trauma and stress. Moreover, the article reminded me at the end of the day, faith and love underscore what all people need (children and adults) when they are requiring support.

The story unfolds as such:

A boy was traveling with his father through Dhaka on a rickshaw to a hospital because he was brutally attacked and mutilated for no apparent reason. The deeper picture evolved such that the boy was slashed because he was being forced to beg on the streets of Bangladesh. The article shared that two years later, post-trauma the boy continued to suffer in fear and angst. Of course, how could he not? He was such a young child who was beaten and wounded–unsafe, in what should have been the sanctity of his own home. The concept of forced begging is such that if one appears, or is in fact, disabled, earning potential on the streets is increased. So many issues arose for this boy including the fact that he no longer had a penis and had problems urinating. Various persons and organizations attempted to raise money for his health; special safety precautions were taken constantly; and he and his family remained under government protection during court trials through a change in residence. Alas, he was sent to one of my training sites who offered to complete one of his reconstructive surgeries, The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The story has a number of sad and happy twists and turns. I think you should read it for yourself. The story instills hope, faith, and joy for the holiday season amidst living in a chaotic world where some things just unfortunately do not make sense.


Dr. Stephanie