Today I felt like offering a number of RANDOM resources that may be useful to a variety of parents looking for RANDOM help. Here we go…

1. Here are some great bullying resources for you and your family:,,, and

2. Numbers for you or your family:

  • Teen crisis line: Always good to have a back-up if you or the family therapist is not available: (1-800-668-6868)
  • Suicide Hotline: For any and all ages: (877) 727-4747
  • Los Angeles Rape and Battering Crisis Hotline — all ages: (310) 392-8381

3. Interested in special education law for your child? Check out:

4. Organizations that may help with a diagnosis of Autism:,,,

5. Check out some organizations I think are worth donating to: Focus Fish (, Camp Zoe (, Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) (, Hillside Family of Agencies (, and Heifer International (

I will continue to post ideas about resources in the future. Please note that these are recommendations and by no means am I personally making an endorsement or suggesting any type of effectiveness. Again, merely recommendations for your leisure.

Best wishes,

Dr. Stephanie